The Cradle to cradle certification is today the most difficult to acchieve, but when acchieved the goods with the certification are indeed sustainable according to the brundland definition. Therefore striving towards Cradle to Cradle is a goal.

As a consultency firm, INFINITY wishes to promote sustaineble design and help brands to transition into a circular economy. INFINITY aims at assisting companies of all sizes to adapt their design process into a sustainable one. Scalability is important, and focus has therefore been made on finding solutions that are feasible in large scale production, and not just in small scale production. For example, in terms of colors chosen: Instead of finding plant based colorists, research has been done on industry leaders towards what is available today for companies on a large scale.

Another important factor, is allowing for tíme to make this transistion. Companies need time to walk the steps from conventional clothing production towards a sustainable one. Reaching the stage where garments are Cradle to Cradle and meet the Brundtland definition of sustainability is the eventual goal, but placing the bar too high to begin with will take away the motivation to do good. Therfore, INFINITY promotes the steps on the road towards Cradle to Cradle production.

To inspire and prove that it is possible, INFINITY has made a sustaianble design collection that combines good design with sustainability. The collection has been named Myriad and showcases how standard pieces of clothing can be made in a sustaineble manner. Myriad was created as an excample of what can be done for a company. The process was therefore based on the idea that INFINITY works a company and helps a company produce a sustainable collection.

For the creation of Myriad, the standard was set high. Only materials that can be Cradle to Cradle certified were chosen. A set of rules was derived based on the strictest possible sustainability criteria available today. These rules were followed for the creation of Myriad. Myrad therefore represents an example of what is possible, and it is ment as an inspiration. However, INFINITY wishes to emphaisze that help can be given to companies that wish to follow less strict rules as well. The rules layed out for the individual company will be disussed in detail with the company at hand.